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EmperorKing's Festival and Nightclub Luminous Jacket

EmperorKing's Festival and Nightclub Luminous Jacket

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Luminous Rave Jacket


DJ Sets, Night Clubs, Festivals, Parties. Show off your brightness on any splendid night, become the sparkling star you always were meant to be!

Luminous fabric Tech

Patented Luminous Fiber Optic Textile Technology.

Our luminous textiles are made by fiber optic fabric that based on innovative patented technology that weave plastic optical fibers alongside synthetic fibers to form a luminous fabric. Luminous fabric can emit basically 7 colors with different flashing modes. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the fabric that results distinctive starry textile. The light up textiles is flexible, light weight, no heat and little power consume. This innovation can be used in many fields, such as shoes, clothing, decoration, night fashion etc.


Size Chart:

Dress Specification


1: Remote control, 7 different lighting colors automatically changing
2: Rechargeable lithium battery with 3.7v low voltage
3: CE, RoHS, FCC approval, Safe to wear
4: High tech products comprehensively using several subject knowledge of textile, optics and electronic technology

Product Name
LED Optical Fiber Jacket
Model No.
Luminous fiber optic jacket
Optical Fibers, Synthetic Weave
Battery Capacity
Light mode
monochrome, strobe, flash, fade, smooth
Lighting Source
RGB LED lights
Battery, Remote controller, USB charge cable
Rechargeable Battery by USB cable
USB Charging Time
2-3 hours
Battery Life
3-15 hrs(depends on the lighting color)
Fabric Colors
white / red / blue / yellow / purple / coffee
Light Colors
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, Pink
DC 3.7V
Light mode:
Monochrome, Polychromatic, Strobe, Flash, Fade, Smooth and Steady
Remote controller
Can control the brightness, color change, speed changing and turn on/off.
Details Show&Notes
High tech fiber optic fabric in yellow fabric

(this fabric pass CE,RoHS,FCC approval, doesn't heat up, could be hand washed, very safe to wear) )

FLT Lumisonata

About Our Production Partner

FLT Lumisonata was founded in 2013  and was the first company specialize in R&D, design and manufacturing luminous fiber optics textiles in China.


Q: How does the product emit light?

A: The luminous products are made of fiber optic fabric and led light, when powered by battery, they will emit lights.

Q: Is there any risk of electrical shock wearing the luminous clothes and do they heat up???

A: There is absolutely no risk of shock or electrocution, as all of our items that are are powered by low voltage batteries (3V or 4.5V). The Fiber Optics Fabric is designed not heat up when lit.

Q: Can I wash it?

A: Yes. It can be gently hand washed (scrub only,can not be knead or twisted) with water up to 50 degree centigrade and natural soap, but the battery box must be taken off or kept away from water before washing.

If battery box is taken off, please keep the plug of wire away from water. This fabric can not be machine-washed, NOR improper folded. After washing, use of the dryer or iron is FORBIDDEN, hang dry only please and thank you!

Q: How to store the item?

The Fiber Optics Fabrics is as fast as any other synthetic fabric., unlike other synthetic fabrics,you should not NEVER FOLD THE FIBER OPTICS FABRICS perpendicularly to the optics fabrics, otherwise this may permanently damage or break the optical fibers.

The Fiber Optics Fabrics can be folded(with care) parallel to the optical fibers. For small items, use hangers is OK. But for large items (eg. tablecloths...), we recommend that the item be rolled up around a roll of minimum 10cm (4inchs) diameter.

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