Our Humble Beginnings

Established in 2019 Rave King Productions LLC DBA EmperorKing X Empress Clothing set out with the goal to provide top quality entertainment, clothing and experiences to its customers. During our early years of development our services took place in many of the cultural breeding grounds that have given way to the top musical experiences we hear today. This grassroots movement of top quality artists of all races and credos achieve this goal through experienced artistry, ten out of ten customer service, and a genuine desire to enjoy life whether alone or with loved ones! EmperorKing Clothing is the brainchild of our collective's desire to provide premium and luxury clothing at a "PLUR" friendly price point! Affording opportunities to those of merit, especially overlooked talent RKP and EKC breed an environment that is truly a playground for genius and success. Our quality and comfort will have you coming back for more for years to come. With that said, Dress Elite my friends.

Ja'Shaun Delaney
aka Emperor-King

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