Our Team

Currently our team consists of 3 Graphic Designers, 4 female models, 0 Male Models, 2 Photographer / Videographer, 1.5 Visual Jockeys and over twenty Disc Jockeys, 1 Fire - Artist, 1 Dancer / Flow Artist.

Meet our team!


Emperor King - DJ, Photographer / Videographer - Founder 

Born in Alabama, and raised on the sunshine of San Diego, Ca, this artist has been stomping the streets and soundwaves for just under 3 years. The founder of Emperor King Clothing, and Rave King Productions LLC, Ja'Shaun (Emperor) has been deeply influenced by West Coast Music and Streetwear for his entire life. His in depth knowledge gives him a mastery of the fashion realm seen in the stylistic approach to clothing. Glad to have you onboard Emperor!

Bio - Under construction

DJ Burny - Intro Pending

DJ Burny - Bio Pending

DJ Offsides - Intro Pending

DJ Offsides - Bio Pending

Liza Rapp - Intro Pending

Liza Rapper - Bio Pending

DJ - ImRayzer - Bio Pending

DJ / VJ - Dane Shigley - Bio Pending

Photographer - Murk

Entertainer -  

Dancer -

Photographer Murkshot - Bio Pending